PEX 8764

PEX 8764  Lead Free

64-Lane, 16-Port PCI Express Gen 3 (8 GT/s) Switch, 35 x 35mm FCBGA

The ExpressLane™ PEX8764 is a 64-lane, 16-port, PCIe Gen3 switch device developed on 40nm technology. PEX8764 offers Multi-Host PCI Express switching capability that enables users to connect multiple hosts to their respective endpoints via scalable, high-bandwidth, non-blocking interconnection to a wide variety of applications including servers, storage, communications, and graphics platforms. In addition to high number lane/port count, the device offers two NT ports and clock isolation capability. Due to their backwards compatibility, designing with PCIe Gen3 switches in mixed (Gen1, Gen2 and Gen3) systems allows designers to future-proof their designs for full Gen3 enablement when migrating to next-generation end-points. The PEX8764 is well suited for fan-out, aggregation, and peer-to-peer traffic patterns. Included is PLX's proprietary visionPAK debug software, which allows, for example, internal receive-eye observation after equalization and access to the devices' internal debug registers thus enabling faster time to market.

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PEX 8764 Technical Documentation

Document/Resources Everyone Access Requires Membership Requires NDA Description Version Date
Product Brief Download     Product Overview 1.3 07Oct13
Data Book     Download Detailed Technical Specifications 1.0 05June13
Design Notes     Download Schematic Design Checklist 3.0 10June13
    Download Surprise Down Handling with PLX PCIe Switches 1.0 08April14
Errata     Download Silicon Revisions and Errata List 1.12 25Aug14
Application Notes     Download Error Injection (white paper) 1.4 20May14
    Download PCIe Gen3 Equalizer Tuning Guide (for revisions AA, AB) 1.1 01Oct13
  Download   Proof of concept high-performance PCIe Gen3 over optical cable with no special software or hardware 1.0 15Nov11
    Download Using a PCIe Switch as a Bandwidth Bridge 1.0 04/10
  Download   White Paper: Independent SSC Operation without SSC Clock Isolation (also see video) 1.0 11May12
Design Guidelines     Download Quick Start Hardware Design Guide 1.0 11Mar13
Videos View HTML     Independent SSC using PCI Express. Join us at to make this feature a validated PLX standard offering 1.0 03May12
  View HTML   IO Sharing via PLX PCIe Switches -- Oct 2010
  View HTML   PCI Express 3.0 over Optical Cable -- Oct 2010
  View HTML   PCI Express Clustering for next generation data centers -- Oct 2010
View HTML     PCI Express Gen3, The Ultimate Choice - Inside and Outside the Box -- 27Sep11
Ordering Information View HTML     Part Number, Listing and Compliance -- --
Quality & Reliability   Download   Certificate of Compliance (CoC) - REACH138/RoHS2/Halogen-Free -- 15Mar13
  Download   Certificate of Compliance (CoC) - REACH144/RoHS2/Halogen-Free -- 28Aug13
  Download   Certificate of Compliance- REACH and RoHS -- 11Sep12
  Download   Certificate of Compliance, REACH 151, RoHS2 and Halogen-Free -- 04Mar14
  Download   Certificate of Compliance, REACH 155, RoHS2 and Halogen-Free -- 04Sept14
  Download   FIT Rate Reliability Monitor- Test Report (Quarterly) -- Q2 2014
    Download Full Product and Package Reliability
Qualification Report
3.1 18Jan14
  Download   Package Material Composition and Mass Calculation -- 31July14
  Download   Product Reliability Full Qualification Report 2.0 10Jan14
    Download Product Reliability Full Qualification Report 2.1 18Jan14
    Download Reflow Profile -- 19Jan12
Technology White Paper     Download Deallocation Performance Issue (white paper) 1.0 13Aug2014
Webinars   View HTML   About PLX PCIe Gen3 Switches (may require Webex plug-in) -- 05Oct11

PEX 8764 Development Tools

Document/Resources Everyone Access Requires Membership Requires NDA Description Version Date
Rapid Development Kit (RDK)     Download Hardware Reference Manual (HRM) 1.2 28June13
Software Development Kit (SDK)   View HTML   Software Development Kit -- --
View HTML     Software Development Kit -- --
BSDL     Download Boundary Scan Description Language files 1.1 19mar14
HSPICE Model     Download HSPICE Model -- 23Dec13
OrCAD     Download OrCad Library 1.0 23Aug12
Pinout Document     Download Pinout List (.xls) 1.0 27Jul12
Design Guidelines     Download PCB Layout Review Guide 1.1 29Sep12

Relevant Press Releases

Release Date Announcement
01/28/14 PLX PCI Express 3.0 Switch Provides Powerful Interconnect in New Fujitsu Storage ETERNUS DX S3 Series
11/12/12 PLX Unveils ExpressFabric at SC12 Supercomputing Event

PEX 8764 Applications

Application Description Document
Using Multicast in PCIe systems Multicast, and up to 5 upstream ports, provide efficient CPU utilization and failover ExpressApps #71
Server and Storage Systems Failover for Server and Storage systems using x16 port PCIe switches ExpressApps #68