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Our Website is the major tool we use to support our customers. Special premium services and documentation require registration. Visitor registration plays a vital role in providing quality technical support to our customers.

Benefits of Registration

  • Ability to download standard membership documents
  • Ability to download premium CDA documents
  • Subscribe to receive document change alerts and new document alerts
  • Access to application notes, design guides and other valuable material
  • Notification of press releases and new products
  • Subscribe to quarterly newsletter

How it Works - Documents Requiring CDA

Files that appear in the "Requires CDA" column require registration and a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement (CDA). Contact your Sales Representative to initiate the approval of the execution of an CDA. If you have signed an CDA and it has been recorded by PLX, you will be alerted by email. After you login to the site, the downloading of these files will be enabled.

*You may need to logout and login again to set a new cookie.

How It Works - Accessing Premium Services

Every time you access a premium document or service the Web server checks to see if you are registered with us. If you are registered, this check happens silently behind the scenes. We use two methods to determine if you have previously registered:

  • First, we will determine if your identity is currently stored in your computer inside a PLX cookie* previously sent to your system when you registered some time before. If your browser delivers a PLX cookie from your computer, we check its validity and if it is OK we proceed to honor your request. The cookie-checking process is invisible to you if everything is OK.
  • Second, if your cookie is not present or is invalid, you will be asked to identify yourself with the PLX ID (Your email address) and password that you defined when you registered sometime before.

How to Update Your Information

Simply follow the My Data hyperlink at the bottom of any page. Manage your subscriptions or alerts and your profile on this page.

Technical Support

Our support teams are assigned on a geographic basis to provide language and time-zone coverage. When you send our support team a request for assistance, we automatically route your request to your team member.

Registration for technical support is on a completely different server than premium document access described above. Please register or login for tech support here:

We highly recommend that you use the same login credentials as the main PLX Website as this will suppress login issues.